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VR Developers

Monetize your Virtual Reality Application using the most innovative solutions from VadR. With the highest flexibility and power to you.

About Us

VadR is delivering advertisements for Virtual Reality to make it a new and refreshing experience. Our Native Ad Platform produces the best engagement, making advertising a delightful experience in VR. With the help of our demand partners, we give the best fill rates and the most personalized recommendations.


VadR provides end to end solution for advertising in VR. Our ad formats can be customized to suit any VR environment while ensuring that user never has to leave the application.

Ad Formats


Place ads within VR environment and make it seem like a part of the experience.


Place 2D video ads in the breaks of your content without hindering experience.


Ads that can be shown in between tiles of your menu whenever your app fires up.

360° Advertising

Play short 360° video ads giving a truly immersive experience, the VR way.

360° Rewarded Videos

Increase user engagement by providing rewards on ad completions and earn more.

Interactive 360° Ads

Place native objects, allowing the users to see 360° ads on interaction.

Post Click Actions


VadR's VR-Browser ensures ad redirects never break the VR state.


With VadR's VR-Store earn more from performance ads while maintaing VR state.


VadR offers the best fill rates via our demand partners; InMobi, Smaato and PubNative. With high global fills and targeted ads maximize revenue from each user.

VadR is proud to collobrate with FloVR to bring you global VR Ad Campaigns.